Luxury Retro Cassette Patch Pastel PURPLE- Iron-On & Sew-On

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This beautiful, arty and luxury retro cassette patch has been designed and made in the UK.

There are 4 different pastel colours of this lovely patch available. This one is Pastel PURPLE.

All cassette patches are embroidered on high quality felt using very durable threads.

This patch can be Ironed-On or Sewn-On. 


2.4" x 1.9" (60 x 47 mm)

Main features:

  • High quality felt used as a base for the patch.
  • High Quality and durable thread used for details and finish.
  • Iron-On backing allows for a quick and long lasting application.
  • Every patch can be sewn on for a permanent bond.
  • 100% made by hand and on our own equipment at The Color of Space

These lovely patches are fully made from scratch by us at The Color of Space from ethically sourced materials. The highest quality felt and thread we use ensures a great feel of the product.

We try to source as much raw materials as we possibly can locally.

All our products are made with love and passion so you can enjoy them as much as we enjoyed producing them.


Legal disclaimer:

We (The Color of Space) have designed this item from scratch as well al produced it from raw materials (felt and threads) on our own equipment. We do not use external contractors at all, except for the raw materials. The product is 100% UK made.



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